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Day 16: January 21

Today we had to leave early for the plane. This is my last note.

Cassidy Johnston

Day 15: January 20

Today we went back to the Gazebo restaurant and we waited in line for an hour. When we finally got in I had a pancake shaped like Minnie mouse with a happy face whipped cream on top. We walked back along the beach and went swimming. We had nachos for dinner and Linda stopped by and gave us a Hawaiin flower barrette for our hair. It was our last night and I am really going to miss Hawaii and writing my blog. We got to watch TV in our bed on our last night.

Cassidy Johnston

Day 14: January 19

Today I went to the pool in the morning. I pulled my Granny into the pool. She thought it was cold. Then went to steep beach and went swimming for a long time because the weather was warm. We had pork chops for dinner and after dinner we went to a hula dancing show. There were kids dancing. There was a little girl on stage about 3 years old but most of the people dancing were about my age. Then we went and I bought the devil baby I have been wanting.

Cassidy Johnston

Day 13: January 18

Today we went to kihei. I went to the place where my mom and dad got married. It was windy. We saw a bulldog skin-boarding, which was really funny. He was actually pretty good... for a dog. We went to cheese burger in peridice for dinner. It was really yummy. There was live music!

Cassidy Johnston

Day 12: January 17

Today I went to steep beach. I tried to catch some big waves on my boogie board. I liked it at first, but a big wave came up and crashed me on shore and I did a nose dive. Then I put the boogie board away and just swam. We had home made pizza for dinner. It was delicious!

Cassidy Johnston

Day 11: January 16

Today I hung out at the pool all day. it was SOOOOOOOO hot that when I went in the water my back sizzled. We went to Garth's for happy hour and we had chips and rootbeer. And then he came over for dinner and we had a sing along and I sang along too. We sang lots of songs while Dad and Papa played the guitars.

Cassidy Johnston

Day 10: January 15

Today I did not do much. I went for a walk in the sun and had a midnight swim but did not last long because it was freezing cold!

Cassidy Johnston

Day 9: January 14

Today I went to a ginormous volcano called Haleakula. It was a 2 hour drive. When we finally got to the top it was freezing so we drove a little. It was warmer there, but we were still at the top which was over 10,000 feet high. Before we went on our big hike we had lunch in the minivan. Then it was time for our hike to start. First we climbed to the top of a mountain of lava rocks and took pictures. Then we went down the trail into the crater. We walked on dry lava for a long time. It was very dusty and some of it was rocky. Then we sat down on a lava rock for a rest and some snacks and water. After that we started back up to the minivan. It very hard and tiring, but we made it. We drove back and stopped in Lahaina for some shaved ice like a slushy. That night we watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Cassidy Johnston

Day 8: January 13

Today we went to the Gazebo restaurant for breakfast. It is right beside our hotel and it is on the beach. I had two big mouth watering buttermilk pancakes. I even ate more than my Mom. When we were walking back to the hotel we saw a huge turtle in the ocean. It was eating stuff off the rocks and we got very close to it. Then we went to the aquarium. We saw lots of cool colourful fish, big and little sharks, cool sea turtles and one baby sea turtle, and huge stingrays. One stingray was polka-dotted and one lost its tale. I think a shark bit it off. We also saw jelly fish! some were big and some were itsy-bitsy. We saw sea horses and an octopus. I liked the hammerhead shark.

Cassidy Johnston

Day 7: January 12

Today I had a lazy morning, but we cracked the big coconut. It was really hard. When we finally broke into it we saw it was very hairy. We smashed the nut that was inside it on the ground after we drained the milk inside it by poking a hole in it. We ate the white meat inside the coconut and it was really yummy. Then we went to steep beach. I pretended to serve people with sand foods on a big leaf. Then we went home and hung around a little. We had hot dogs for dinner. Then we went in our beds and read.

Cassidy Johnston

Day 6: January 11

Today Mom and I went to the pool. Then we came back for lunch and went shopping! I bought a Springer Spaniel Wenkinz and a turtle keychain. After that we went to see my Dad try to surf and then went back home. 15 minutes later we went to a party. There was lots of punch and I went swimming! Then I came back for dinner and saw a beautiful cruise ship! Then I went to bed.

Cassidy Johnston

Day 5: January 10

Today I went snorkelling with my Dad. We saw 1 turtle, 2 trumpet fish, and a stingray! We also saw lots of colourful fish. Today I had a lazy day but went to steep beach and swam there. Then, came back to the pool and swam there (in the dark). Then I came home for dinner. I had toast, bacon, and eggs! And the last thing I did was beat my Dad at a game of Uno.

Cassidy Johnston

Day 4: January 9

  This morning I went to the steep beach with my family. While we were walking there I found a banana tree and took a picture. I went swimming again, then I came back for lunch. After lunch we went to a different beach.It was realy hot so dad and I went snorkeling. we saw an eel and some cool fish. Then we went out for dinner. I had mac and cheese. then we went to Safeway. After that we went home to bed.

Cassidy Johnston  

Day 3: January 8

Today when I woke up I went to the lanai and I watched whales jump out of the water.Then I went to the steep beach. My family and I went swimming in the high waves! Then Dad and I tried to go snorkelling, but the waves were too big so only my Dad went. He saw a sting ray and lots of big turtles. I went in the pool for an hour and a half. I saw the same cool white bird as day two and I took a picture of it. It is a Cattle Egret. Then I went to the drug store with the family. There was lots of cool stuff. 

Then we came back and had dinner. We had steak, mushrooms, and potatoes. Then I went to bed after writing my blog.

Cassidy Johnston

Cattle Egret 

Day 2: January 7

This morning my sister woke me up at 6:00am but I went back to sleep until 7:00. I woke up Granny and Papa. Once my parents were up we watched big huge whales jump out of the water. The whales were Humpback whales and they were putting on a show for us. We went for a walk on the beach. The beach was so steep the huge waves would come up and wash you down until you were over your head. My Mom asked me to stay on the flat side. I went swimming in the pool and saw a white skinny bird that could stretch his neck a long way! In the pool a little tiny froggy came in and was trying to get out. I picked it up and I put it up, but it came back in the pool and climbed on Hayley’s bathing suit. Then we put it in the bush so it would be nice and safe. I played Marco Polo with my Dad and Sister and I splashed my Papa. Dragon flies flew above the pool and we tried to catch them. We got a huge coconut that we have to break open to get the milk and stuff inside. I was really tired so I think I am going to have dessert and go to bed.

Cassidy Johnston

Day 1: January 6

On my first day of Maui, I went swimming in the hotel pool. Then I came back for chips. I saw cool birds that loved chips, just like me.So I fed chips to them. Other birds got interested and decided to join the feast. I ended up feeding lots and lots of birds. There were two birds with red heads and they weren't woodpeckers. Apparently the rules said you are not supposed to feed the birds... so I stopped feeding them. Well kinda....

Cassidy Johnston

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Swimming with Papa at steep beach

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